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As Dr. R. Paul Singh (Editor of the Journal of Food Engineering) stated in his article (titled `Evolution of food engineering during the past four decades`), during the past 4-5 decades, food engineering has evolved into a vibrant and strong discipline, and food engineers have been noted for their remarkable contributions to help create the modern food supply chain that begins with food leaving the farm gate and extending to the dining table.

With this perspective, my objective is to continue the research in the application of mathematical modeling and engineering principles to foods and agricultural materials to contribute the solutions of real world problems and to improve the food engineering education with the following mission and vision:


  •  TT (technology transfer to food industry) by combining mathematical modeling of of food processing operations with the background of food chemistry and food microbiology.


  • Research impact world-wide
    • Creating an international mathematical modeling group
    • Mathematical-modeling of food processing operations
  • Develop innovative teaching materials for food engineering education

Based on this, upon the my move to the Ankara University in 2014, I have planned to start up the CFπ-lab (computational food processing) to further demonstrate the combination of mathematical modeling with the food processing while, in the mean time, The International School on Modeling and Simulation in Food and Bioprocessing has started in 2016 with my active participation.

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