Graduated Students

Rahmi Uyar, Ph.D. (graduated in Fall, 2014)

Subject: Mathematical modeling of radio-frequency thawing

Upon his graduation, he accepted the offer to become a faculty member at the department of food engineering at the Siirt University, Siirt, Turkey.

Ziynet Boz(M.Sc. – graduated in Spring, 2012)

Subject: 2D modeling of heat and momentum transfer in liquid containing horizontal cans

Upon her graduation in 2012, she received a scholarship from the Turkish Fulbright Comission to pursue Ph.D. in the US and moved to the University of Florida in August 2013. She is now working with Dr. Bruce Welt at the department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering (where I received my master of engineering and Ph.D.).

Selin Kiziltas (M.Sc. – graduated in Fall, 2009).

Subject: Modeling heat transfer in cans containing solid-liquid mixtures.

After Selin graduated, she worked in Memissan as Quality Management representative.  She is currently looking for new opportunities.

Rahmi Uyar (M.Sc. – graduated in Fall, 2008).

Subject: Use of 3D scanners with CFD tools for modeling of food processes.

After Rahmi graduated, he decided to pursue his Ph.D. with me.

Eren Demirkol (M.Sc. – graduated in Spring, 2005).

Subject: Heat and mass transfer in cookie baking.

Eren is currently working in Turkish Standards Institution. She is the responsible person from the division of Instrumental Analysis of Food Lab Section.

S. Belgin Unal (M.Sc. – graduated in Fall, 2003) – secondary advisor.

Subject: Effects of phosphated in yield and texture of cooked meats.

After Belgin completed her masters, she received her Ph.D. in 2011. Upon her graduation she worked  in the Department of Food Technology, Technical Sciences Vocations School of the University of Mersin for two years. She has been affiliated with the department of the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts at the University of Mersin from 2013 to 2014. She is now working in the risk management department of the ministry of food, agriculture and livestock in Ankara.