-Fabrizio Sarghini



-Tesfaye Bedane

Tesfaye is Ph.D student of Francesco Marra. He went to our CFπ lab for doctora thesis experiments with staggered electrode type radio frequency (RF). His thesis is about thawing process by using radio frequency system. He focus on distribution of electromagnetic field in RF cavity and thawing process to frozen chicken breast. 

-Dagbjørn Skipnes and Torstein Skara

Dagbjørn and Torstein works in Nofima AS, Stavanger, Norway. 

Francesco Marra, Ph.D.

Francesco is an associate professor at university of Salerno, Italy. His studies focus on radio frequency process and mathematical model. He is one of founder of  The International School on Modeling and Simulation in Food and Bioprocessing

Laura Alessandrini, Ph.D.

Laura worked with me in the spring of 2009 (april-may). Her objective was to use the 3D scanning to help modeling the heat transfer and enzyme inactivation in potatoes during water and steam blanching. Our collaboration started through Dr. Federico Gomez, who I shared the office with during my visit to Lund University in the summer of 2008.

Laura  completed her Ph.D. with Prof. Dr. Marko Dalla Rosa at the Department of Food Science, University of Bologna, Cesena, Italy.

Senem Umut

Department of Food Engineering – Istanbul Technical University

Senem worked with me in July, 2006. She was a student of Prof. Dr. Onur Devres, and her purpose was to develop Java code to determine the freezing of food products.