Mobile Phones

Some of these programs were developed with Burak Lafci (B.Sc. student in the department of Food Engineering, University of Mersin) in 2011.

Anybody is welcome to download and use them in their mobile phones.

Any mobile phone, supporting Flash, is expected to readily run this program.

Analytical Solutions – A.Ss

This mobile phone program is to determine the temperature change of infinite slab, infinite cylinder and sphere shaped food products. It solves the required partial differential equation using the 3rd kind and symmetry boundary conditions with uniform temperature initial condition.

Bessel Functions Bessel-J0-J1

This mobile phone program is for 0th and 1st order of Bessel functions.

Plank`s equation (Turkish)

Plank`s equation is the first and most popular equation to predict the freeezing time. It, proposed by Plank (1913) and adapted to food products by Ede (1949), describes only the phase change period.

My favorite equation – Bi=λ tan(λ) (Turkish)

As I indicate in my seminars `Bi=λ tan(λ)` is my favorite equation. When I  started writing codes for mobile phones, with a suggestion from Turgay (graduate of the Department of Food Engineering at the University of Mersin in 2008), this equation was the first thing that came to my mind.