ISEKI – Integrating Food Science and Engineering Knowledge Into the Food Chain

ISEKI Food4 network was approved (following ) for 3 years and it includes a total of 89 partners: 86 partners are from 27 European eligible countries (69 reputed HE institutions – universities or as associations, 6 Food-related Associations, 7 Research Organizations and 2 private consultancy and services agencies) and 3 partners from non-European countries (HE institutions; Brazil, Israel, USA).

I am involved in the work package of (WP6)  Innovative Teachning Tools, coordinator of this work package and also the Steering Committee Member for the Iseki Food4 project.

ISEKI_Food 4 – Towards the innovation of the food chain through innovation of education in Food Studies (518415-LLP-1-2011-1-IT-Erasmus-ENW)

General project information

The three main objectives of the ISEKI_Food 4 academic network are:
  1. To innovate the education and training of Food Science and Technology (FS&T) students, by the development of guidelines to update and modernise HE courses and training programmes and tools (including new scientific disciplines and training
  2. To implement soft and personal skills) to produce the FS&T professionals of the implement the role of the third level of education (PhD, in particular) in promoting the employability and entrepreneurship of the graduated FS&T and Food professional by proposing (i) training tools to develop appropriate skills and (ii) a virtual environment to favour their networking
  3. To create a framework offering lecturing qualification for university teaching staff.
Project Start Date: 1st October 2011
End date: 30th September 2014