The followings are our recently completed and ongoing projects:

  • Pressure effects in microwave thawing and heating: this project was completed as a masters study. Part of the studies were carried out in the facilities of the NOFIMA, Stavenger, Norway. Besides the experimental studies, modeling approaches were used to design industrial scale microwave tunnel systems.
  • Microwave processing of liquid foods: this project was completed as a masters study. In this work, geometry optimization studies for the microwave cavity were carried out, and experimentally developed mathematical models were used for approaches to uniform the temperature distribution inside the microwave processed liquids. Both Newtonian and non-Newtonian cases were applied in the model development and process design studies.
  • Toroidal cans: our studies on this from are continuing for a while now. In the last part of this study, the rotational effects were investigated to increase the process performance of the toroidal cans for liquid foods.
  • Microwave – radio frequency pasteurization of liquid whole shell eggs: this study is expected to conclude in the fall of 2019. The experimentally validated mathematical models are planned to use for process design and optimization in industrial scale processes.
  • Microwave – decrystallization of honey: this study was completed to demonstrate the effects of microwave processing on HMF formation and diastase inactivation in the crystallized honey. Mathematical modeling approaches were also applied industrial scale process design studies.